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    We team up with used car dealers to

    Eliminate Lingering Vehicle Odors

    Cars are exposed to many lingering odors that make them difficult to resell. Odor Eliminators has over a decade of experience identifying the cause of car smells and eliminating that odor.

    Whether it’s moisture that accumulates from drivers and passengers, pet odors like wet dog or cat urine or dander, or our most frequent complaint of cigarette smoke odor, you can rest assured that Odor Eliminators will “get the stink out” of used cars and trucks.

    We provide fast, hassle-free, flexible scheduling so we can help eliminate odors, remove allergens, and clean dirty upholstery as soon as you need us. No matter what type of smell you are struggling with, Odor Eliminators has the tools to handle any project.

    Ozone Odor Removal can mean the difference between a sale and a failure. Whether it’s one used vehicle or an entire fleet, trust Odor Eliminators to get the stink out.

    • Cigarette Smoke Odor
    • Musty Odor
    • Mildew and Mold Odor
    • Wet Dog Odor
    • Cat Odor
    • Animal Odor
    • Urine Odor
    • Sweat Odor
    • Old Food Odor
    • Sour Milk Odor
    • Carsick/Vomit Odor
    • Dirty Upholstery Odor

    Need Immediate Odor Removal?

    Eleven Years

    We have over a decade of experience with Odor Elimination, Water Extraction, and Carpet Cleaning.


    Our natural, biodegradable formulas are free of harsh chemicals and enzymes, and leave no residue behind.

    Wide Coverage

    Based out of central MN, we serve a five state Area: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

    Fast & Flexible

    Fast, hassle-free, flexible scheduling so we can help as soon as you need us, or whenever it fits best for you.


    Vehicle Odor Elimination

    We use a machine called an ozone generator, which takes in the oxygen we breathe (O2) and turns it into ozone (O3). This process occurs naturally when oxygen comes in contact with ultraviolet sun rays and during a lightning storm. Ozone is highly reactive and bonds with odor-causing molecules to form a stable compound, changing its chemical structure. This destroys the odor, bacteria, and viruses, along with the additional oxygen molecule. This process is known as “oxidation.”

    Ozone will begin to turn back into oxygen as soon as it is released into the room, which is a result of its reaction with odors, bacteria, and mold. Any leftover ozone will naturally break down into oxygen, and the treated space will be ready to use within two hours.

    Our ozone treatment is natural, eco-friendly and safe. All that it leaves behind is oxygen and a fresh, clean scent similar to what you notice after a rainstorm.

    When an ozone treatment is administered to a vehicle, the ozone penetrates every surface. Every odor-causing element in contact with the generated ozone will be obliterated. After ozone treatment, your home or car will be completely void of the odor-causing bacteria, viruses, or germs.

    Please allow two hours for oxidation to take effect.

    Please detail before the ozone treatment! Detailing helps release some of those odor-causing properties and loosens or removes any gunk.

    All of our supplies are mobile, meaning we come to you. We only need access to one standard power outlet. No need to move vehicles or fleets!

    Harsh chemicals, enzymes, disinfectants, and air fresheners may attempt to mask odor, but they often only dilute and spread the damage. They’ll provide a nice scent to mask the odor, but eventually that lingering smell returns because the source of the smell is still there.

    When you’re up against serious odors, you need a serious team of Odor Eliminators. Our Ozone technology is a powerful sterilizer that does not simply mask odors, it eliminates them altogether. The result is purified, odor-free air.
    Most smells and odors are caused by bacteria, which thrives in moist, warm environments. Vehicles can be an especially inviting space for these microscopic pests.

    If you only notice a smell sometimes, it’s either a nice day out or the temperature inside the car rose to a level that lets those bacteria multiply.

    Our Ozone Odor Eliminator gets right to the source and destroys odor-causing bacteria, viruses, and pet dander.

    For Residential and Commercial Odor Elimination, Carpet Cleaning, and Water Extraction

    Our professional team is dedicated to providing cleaner, safer, healthier environments.

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