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    Cigar and Cigarette Smoke Odor

    One of the most common issues we treat is smoke odors due to cigarettes and cigars. Smoke odor will get into furniture, clothes, carpets, on walls and woodwork, and anywhere else air is. Cigarette smoke is a nasty smell and one of the more challenging odors to remove, but rest assured we’ll get the stink out.

    We provide fast, hassle-free, flexible scheduling so we can help eliminate odors as soon as you need us. No matter what type of smell you are struggling with, Odor Eliminators has the tools to handle any project.

    Need Immediate Odor Removal?

    Eleven Years

    We have over a decade of experience with Odor Elimination, Water Extraction, and Carpet Cleaning.


    Our natural, biodegradable formulas are free of harsh chemicals and enzymes, and leave no residue behind.

    Wide Coverage

    Based out of central MN, we serve a five state Area: Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

    Fast & Flexible

    Fast, hassle-free, flexible scheduling so we can help as soon as you need us, or whenever it fits best for you.


    Smoke Odor Elimination

    We use a machine called an ozone generator, which takes in the oxygen we breathe (O2) and turns it into ozone (O3). This process occurs naturally when oxygen comes in contact with ultraviolet sun rays and during a lightning storm. Ozone is highly reactive and bonds with odor-causing molecules to form a stable compound, changing its chemical structure. This destroys the odor, bacteria, and viruses, along with the additional oxygen molecule. This process is known as “oxidation.”

    Ozone will begin to turn back into oxygen as soon as it is released into the room, which is a result of its reaction with odors, bacteria, and mold. Any leftover ozone will naturally break down into oxygen, and the treated space will be ready to use within two hours.

    Our ozone treatment is natural, eco-friendly and safe. All that it leaves behind is oxygen and a fresh, clean scent similar to what you notice after a rainstorm.

    Yes! Don’t be fooled by odor masking chemicals and sprays available in stores. These products only mask odors; they don’t remove them. Our exclusive Ozone Elimination technology permanently eliminates nasty smells, including cigarette smoke odor.

    Harsh chemicals, enzymes, disinfectants, and air fresheners may attempt to mask odor, but they often only dilute and spread the damage. They’ll provide a nice scent to mask the odor, but eventually that lingering smell returns because the source of the smell is still there.

    When you’re up against serious odors, you need a serious team of Odor Eliminators. Our Ozone technology is a powerful sterilizer that does not simply mask odors, it eliminates them altogether. The result is purified, odor-free air.

    For Residential and Commercial Odor Elimination, Carpet Cleaning, and Water Extraction

    Our professional team is dedicated to providing cleaner, safer, healthier environments.

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